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Navigate Your Menopause With Carleeka

|International Consultant| Speaker| Author| 

Hey Girlfriend, if your​ answer is YES to any of the questions below, well then it's time for you to Just F-IT and learn some simple and effective strategies to mange your menopause and I am READY ​to walk this journey with you.

Do you have a fear of failure, rejection, or suffer from perfectionism or imposter syndrome? Does your head hurt from always thinking what if you did this or that? The frustration you have inside keeps you up at night with the thoughts of you are not good enough, past failures and self-doubt that keep you paralyzed from going after your goals and dreams. I totally understand the feelings of being sick, silent and stuck mentally, spiritually, emotionally and physically. With the "F-IT Method" you don't have to be frustrated or confused about your next move anymore. You WILL become all you are suppose to be and reach your highest potential when you gain clarity, boost your confidence and get consistent in your health journey. 

Meet Carleeka Basnight-Menendez​

Carleeka Basnight-Menendez is speaking about menopause to women all over the world virtually and in-person.

She has coached hundreds of women using her F-IT Method and  has been named the "Menopause Navigator" as she helps women navigate through their menopausal journey. 


Carleeka is committed to supporting women in the menopause to regain their health, strength, and focus so they can thrive in their careers and businesses. Through her global platform she provides coaching,consulting and events such as Menopause & Mimosas, MenoCon for menopausal women and organizations. 

She believes that education and empowerment are the keys to changing the way we communicate, collaborate and build communities to support menopausal women. 


E X P E C T   M O R E


Gained clarity for my business and a different way to look at things.

Kamisha V.

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